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Newsletter - Summer 2018 (Posted 16 August 2018)


Summer is in full swing and so are we..! 

Nursing Situation

Currently we have one nurse on long-term sickness absence and another who has decided to move on from the practice.  Until I can re-establish our core nursing team capacity, regrettably, we will be running a reduced number of appointments with our nursing team as we attempt to redress this situation. We would appreciate your patience and understanding in the meantime.

Flu Vaccination Season is Nearly Here
If you are a patient of the practice and are 65 years old or over (or under 65 and in a clinical risk group) please ensure you make an appointment with the nurse and pop in and get it done. We will begin first week in October 2018

Monifieth Integrated Care
This initiative will see the coming together of social work and health care under one roof and is being set out as a test of change in South West Angus.  For the first time social work and health care will be co-located here in Monifieth Health Centre, the concept of having both services working more closely together than ever will bring many added benefits to patients and service users.  He are endeavouring to speed internal communication, which should mean less time waiting for services to be arranged. The method of Multi disciplinary Team (MDT) working is already well established here in the practice and this new forward leaning approach will mean levels of timely interventions can be increased where required.  Notwithstanding, the team will look at the administrative workload and look at ways of streamlining paperwork.  We are hoping to have this in place by Monday 3rd September 2018 and the prospect is really exciting.

Penumbra Peer Link Service
Through funding provided by the South West Angus Locality Improvement Group, we have been able to establish a mental health and wellbeing peer link service through Penumbra here at the practice.  Currently this service is available to all those over 16 years old and already we are seeing benefits for our patients.  Reports and feedback regarding the service have all been very positive and provide patients with a 45 minute appointment with a qualified listener.  From that point, patients can be referred to GP for onward referral, but generally following the peer link appointment, the feedback is that this contact makes a real difference to the wellbeing of those who have used the service.  There is also a programme of groups sessions available covering topics such as stress management, sleep, anxiety and many more.  See the main page for more details.

South West Angus Locality Improvement Group
Yours truly is the Chair of the Locality Improvement Group and my role is to help facilitate the transformation of health and social care in South West Angus. This is in line with the main strategic priorities for Angus as a whole:
Priority 1. Improving health, wellbeing and Independence.
Priority 2. Supporting care needs at home.
Priority 3. Developing integrated and enhanced primary care and community responses.
Priority 4. Improving integrated care pathways for priorities in care.
The group comprises both Monifieth Medical Practice and Carnoustie Medical Group; together with partners from social care, health, the voluntary sector and care providers. Clearly, behind each of these higher level priorities, lies the real work to be done and we have taken our first few steps to achieving some of the underpinning aims and objectives. If you would like any further information regarding the work of the group, please let me know.

Patient Advisory Group (PAG)
The Advisory group continues to meet on a quarterly basis. The group provides help and guidance by ensuring that the ‘voice’ of the practice population is heard when it comes to decisions being made about such things as the telephone system and ways to make the appointment system better. The chair of the group now sits on the South West Angus Locality Improvement Group and has already provided some useful insight from a patient perspective into the decision/action process. If you think you would like to become a volunteer working with the practice as part of the PPAG, please contact me here at the practice.

Vision Online Services
We have experienced some real issues with the smooth running of this services and I can only apologise for this and thank those who have persevered. However, at long last we have a working solution and all is back up and running. Please remember that we offer an online appointment booking/cancellation service, together with a prescription-ordering module for those on repeat medicines. If you would like to sign up for this free service, please enquire at the reception desk and one of team will take some details and provide you with the necessary paperwork. Please note that a current email address is required in order to enable the service. Also, due to patient confidentiality, the email address should be individual and not a group or family email e.g.

Eric Blyth
Practice & Business Manager




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