Monifieth Medical Practice
General Enquiries Telephone Number

Patient Information

How to Register with us

Patients wishing to register with the practice should complete a Registration Form and Medical Questionnaire. Please open and print these documents or come into the practice to collect them.   Once complete, contact us to arrange your new patient medical check.

Please be sure to bring along proof of identity when registering (Passport or Drivers Licence and a Utility bill).

Suggestions or complaints

We try to be as sensitive as possible to the needs of our patients, and would welcome any suggestions you may have relating to improvements that you think would help us to help you. A Suggestion Box and slips are available in the Main Reception Area or you can use the online feedback form. If you have a grievance we hope that you would make it known to us. If this is the case, please tell the staff or doctors either verbally or in writing. We operate a nationally approved formal Complaints Procedure; written details are available on request from reception or our complaints officer, Mr Eric Blyth, Practice Manager.

GP Training & General Practice Registrars

The practice is considered to be of sufficiently high standard to begin operating as a GP Training practice in August 2012.  This will involve the training of new general practitioners.  These doctors have completed their hospital training and then spend 18 months in the practice, during which they participate in all aspects of our work.

Use of Video Recorders

Recording consultation by video is an important part of training of General Practice Registrars. They are usually used within the practice between the partners and the GP Registrar for educational purposes.

Your full consent is required for such a recording to be made and likewise following such a consented consultation you will be invited once again to agree that it can be retained for teaching purposes.

Teaching / Training Students

Medical and Nursing students attend the practice from time to time. We hope that you will cooperate with us and help the students to learn about general practice.   However, you will be informed of their presence in advance, and if you do not want them to be present at a consultation, your wishes will be respected.   This will not affect your treatment in any way.

Patient Confidentiality

We ask for information about you so that you can receive the best possible care and treatment. We keep this data, together with details of your care, to ensure that your doctor or nurse has accurate and up to date information. There are times when we have to pass on information about you to other people such as hospitals, social services or the health authority. This is always done confidentially or by removing your identifying details when they are not essential.

Everyone working within the NHS has a legal duty to maintain the highest level of confidentiality about patient information. If you would like to know more, please see "Your Medical Records and Confidentiality" leaflet at the public information board for details on how personal information about you is used.

Access to Medical Records (Data Protection)

Under the Access to Health Records Act (1998) patients are allowed to view their medical records. Copies of such records can also be requested, in writing, for which we make a charge. We hold patient information on computer and comply with the requirements of the Data Protection Act.

To provide you with the care you need, we hold the details of your consultations, illnesses, tests, prescriptions and other treatments that have been recorded by everyone involved in your care and treatment e.g. Doctor, Health Visitor, and Practice Nurse.  This information may be stored on paper or electronically on computer files by practice staff.

We sometimes disclose some of your personal health information with other organizations involved in your care.  For example, when your Doctor refers you to a specialist at the hospital we will send relevant details about you in the referral letter and receive information about you from them.  Our practice also participates in regional and national programmes such as cervical cytology screening service and your name and address, date of birth and health number will be given to them in order to send an invitation to you.


We need to use some of your personal health information for administrative purposes.  In order to receive payment for services provided to you, we have to disclose basic details about you to the NHS Board responsible for this area and to the Common Services Agency for the Scottish Health Service.  These organizations have a role in protecting public funds and are authorised to check that payments are being properly made.  We are required to cooperate with these checks and the disclosure of your data is a necessary part of our provision of health care services.

Sometimes, we may participate in studies that are designed to improve the way services are provided to you or to check that our performance meets required standards and benchmarks.  Whenever we take part in activities such as these, we will ensure that as far as possible, any details that may identify you are not disclosed.

We are sometimes involved in health research and the teaching of student nurses, doctors and other health professionals.  We will not use or disclose your personal health information for these purposes unless you have been informed beforehand and given your consent for us to do so.

Where you need a service jointly provided with a local authority, we will seek your permission before giving them your details.

Sometimes we are required by law to pass on information, e.g. the notification of births and deaths and certain diseases or crimes to the government is a legal requirement.

Our use of your personal health information is covered by a duty of confidentiality and is regulated by the Data Protection Act.  The Data Protection Act gives you a number of rights in relation to how your personal information is used, including a right to access the information we hold about you.

Everyone working for the NHS has a legal duty to keep information about you confidential and adheres to a Code of Practice on Protection Patient confidentiality.  Further information on this can be found at .  Anyone who receives information from us is also under a legal duty to keep it confidential.

Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002

From January 2005 members of the public were given the right to know how public services are organised and run, how much they cost and how decisions are made. You are entitled to access this information (subject to certain exemptions) in relation to Monifieth Medical Practice.

We comply with the Act by having available out General Practitioner Publication Scheme on request from the practice manager, Mr Eric Blyth or to view click here

Medical Reports and Certificates

Certificates required for statutory purposes e.g. Invalidity Benefit, Attendance Allowance, SSP & Social Security purposes are of course provided cost free, as needed, on 48 hours notice. Unfortunately, due to increasing demand from all quarters we are forced to charge the BMA’s recommended fees for non-statutory private medical certificates and HGV & PSV license examinations, Taxi Medicals, Voluntary Fitness to Drive declarations etc. (services not included under the NHS). A price list in accordance with the accepted BMA rates is available at reception and in the waiting room.

Rights and Responsibilities


You will be treated with respect and as a partner in your care. Being a partner means you have responsibilities too. We will:

  • Ensure our patients have 24-hour access to medical advice.

  • Aim for you to have access to a suitably qualified medical professional within 48 hours of your initial contact during surgery hours, or in an urgent case, the same day.

  • Work in partnership with you to achieve the best medical care possible.

  • Involve you and listen to your opinions and views in all aspects of your medical care.

  • The prevention of disease, illness and injury is a primary concern. The medical staff will advise and inform you of the steps you can take to promote good health and a healthy lifestyle.

We would ask that you:

  • Let us know if you intend to cancel an appointment or are running late.

  • Treat staff with courtesy and respect.

  • Inform the practice staff of any alterations in your circumstances, such as change of surname, address or telephone number.

  • Please ensure that we have your correct telephone number (even if it's ex-directory), mobile number and/or email address where applicable.

Zero Tolerance Policy

This Practice considers aggressive behaviour to be any personal aggressive comments or remarks, cursing and/or swearing, physical contact and aggressive gestures.  Aggressive behaviour will result in a first and final warning letter being sent to the patient concerned.  Any further aggressive behaviour will result in removal from our list of patients.  All aggressive acts will be reported to the Practice Manager who will keep a log of all incidents.

Physical or verbal abuse toward any of our staff by our patients is reported to the police.  The patient will then be removed immediately from our list.

If the Police are not informed, the health authority may inform the patients of the need to register with a new Doctor.

Removal of Patients from our List

In exceptional circumstances, a breakdown may occur between the practice and the patient.  If the breakdown is of such a serious nature, e.g. serious physical or verbal abuse to any member of the team, or if the doctor feels that the doctor/patient relationship has been compromised, then steps may be taken to have the patient removed from the doctor's list.  Where possible, conciliation will always be the preferred route.  An initial warning outlining the unacceptable behaviour and giving notice of the consequences of a repeat of such behaviour is normally given. If a patient is removed from the list they are informed of the reason why and given advice on how to find another practice.  In certain circumstances, a change of address may also mean removal from the list (please see our location map for details)


The practice has been recognised as being of sufficiently high standard to assist regularly in the training of medical and nursing students. You will always be asked in advance it you wish them to be present at your consultation, and you are under no pressure to agree. We are also involved in medical research at times. To preserve confidentiality you will always be clearly asked if you wish to participate in these studies.

General Practice Research Database (GPRD)

The Health Improvement Network (THIN)

This practice is proud to contribute data to both the General Practice Research Database and The Health Improvement Network (THIN).  GPRD and THIN are the world's largest and extensively used databases of their kind.  they are used nationally and internationally for research into disease, drug safety and public health.  Patient's records from hundreds of practices throughout the UK are made anonymous so that research users cannot identify patients or the practices.  Added together, these anonymous records provide a vast amount of information for medical research. 

  • Our Role

    • We contribute data from this practice to GPRD & THIN.
    • Anonymity of individual patients and clinicians is assured in all cases
  • Benefits

    • The practice receives valuable feedback on the data we submit.  This helps us improve our record keeping and the care of our patients.
    • We receive a small payment (10p per patient per year) towards the cost of the work involved.

A leaflet giving more detailed information is available by following this link:  GPRD Patient Leaflet or THIN Patient Leaflet

If however you would like to opt out of this data collection scheme, please let the doctor know and no data from your records will be collected for use in research.  This will not affect your care in any way.

Results of Tests and Examinations

Test Results
When a doctor or nurse arranges for an investigation or test to be undertaken they will explain to the patient how and when to obtain the results. The reception staff can inform you of the results of most of the tests undertaken by the practice's doctors or nurses, but not usually those ordered by a hospital department. The doctors check all results before being filed, and if any problems are detected or treatment required, you may be requested to make an appointment. Please try to call in, or phone after 2.00pm.


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